The best gift you can ever give me is to book time with me - I truly treasure all my interactions with you. I never expect any gifts. However, if you really want to give me a gift, I will happily accept. Here are some gifting options. If you would like me in a certain outfit or lingerie for our date, there are options for you to choose from here. If none are inspiring to you, perhaps you take me shopping for the perfect outfit.

E-Gift cards for the following are also beyond appreciated:


*please email these to [email protected] as my protonmail email regularly flags gift card emails as spam*


It’s always a great day for a good deed! Gifts definitely do not have to be material - donate $200+ to one of these charities and present proof of receipt for 10% off of a future booking with me!



• White Wine or Sparkling Wine (Riesling, Prosecco, & Champagne are my faves!) **

•Chocolates and/or caramels (Dark chocolate with almonds & sea salt caramels are my faves!)**

•Coffee (beans, Starbucks gift cards, either works to fuel my love of the java!) **

• Face Masks

• Perfumes

• Your favorite book

• Literally anything from Whole Foods, Earthbound, or World Market! **

**I request that all food and drink items be new and sealed /unopened.

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