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Curvy Latina GFE Companion based in Los Angeles


Are you seeking an oasis from the real world, a moment of escape from the monotony of everyday life? Connection, relaxation, and truly passionate intimacy with a companion that is authentic, casual, yet charming and fun?

If you are someone that craves the company of a woman who physically embodies a sinfully curvy “bad girl”, but is sweet, smart, and enchanting both out on the town and behind closed doors…perhaps I’m a perfect match for you.

Hi, I’m Alexia.

I’m glad you’ve found me here…

allow me to properly introduce myself:

All my life, I have been hungry for adventure and curious about the world. A California native, I moved around across the country growing up and, as an adult, have lived in several different states and traveled to many different countries across 3 different continents!

My lust for life is not limited to merely travel. I am enthralled by the arts - the paintings and sculptures in fine arts museums, music that has swayed my heart and touched my soul, and of course, the sensual arts. I love being a companion, because I love to connect with humans and make beautiful memories. Every kiss, every touch, every flirtation over dinner, every evening we spend together is a brushstroke on canvas, creating our masterpiece.

My physical form is also quite beautiful to admire: I have deep warm caramel-colored skin, glossy dark curls, and all-natural curves that will make your heart flutter, the highlight being my beautiful, REAL 40DDD/E breasts. All-natural is something I embody fully, from my easy-breezy personality, to my classically curvy physique, to the full bush I am quite proud to sport. I’m a stunner whether I’m wearing a girly sundress, an elegant LBD or even in jeans and a T-shirt! I offer an authentic and passionate experience that will enchant you and usher you into unforgettable bliss.

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I am 27 years old, well-read, educated (Bachelor’s in Fine Arts), and always seeking further knowledge in a variety of subjects. I am a walking study in duality - possessing youthful beauty, charm, and sweetness, as well as intelligence, seductiveness, and sensuality beyond my years.

As your dream girl and companion of choice, my ultimate goal at the end of the day is to make you remember just how FUN life can be!

My aim is to curate an experience of equal parts relaxation and passion, reinvigorating your senses and leaving you breathless for more and more of me…

Ready to Rendezvous?

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